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Eji's Website
Last updated: November 3, 1998
Welcome to Eji's Website....
Here you will find a wide assortment of special interests, with more to come (hopefully) each month. Check out the best video, music and sound clips from my favorite things.  Got a suggestion of something to add?  Then email me at
Special Features this time: my NEW Message Board/Guestbook, a really good Brock fan fiction story, and a page full of my original illustrations!!! Now Playing: The Character Select Screen from SMB2
Table o' Contents
Sign the Message Board!!
Eji's Illustrations! New Stuff   A page full of high-quality illustrations done by... me!  Ever want to see what a Pocket Fighter version of Spider-Man looks like?  Go here and find out!
Brock's Page-  check out pictures, animations, movies, sound clips, and info on this tough Pokemon gym trainer!
New Stuff This month, read the first several chapters of a Pokemon fan fiction story devoted to Brock!
Star Wars Manga
Star Wars Manga- What's manga?   Japanese anime in comic book form!  That's right! Check out exclusive page shots of the new anime Star Wars book!
Harrison!Harrison Ford Shrine
Pictures, movie clips, sounds, and some things you might not know. This will be updated monthly.  This month, Han Solo blows up Tie Fighters in the movie section.
Pictures, sounds, and walkthroughs
for this thrilling game...
"If the suspense doesn't kill you,
something else will."
under construction

Assorted Anime

  Check out my ever-growing collection of random anime!  Each month, new titles will be featured.  Features include:  Terry Bogard, Roy Fokker, and Ryoga Hibiki

Homemade MIDI files

  My own attempts at MIDI music! Some of them aren't bad, and some you won't find anywhere else!

Movie Rumors

  SPIDERMAN, Episode 1 of Star Wars, and  Indiana Jones 4??? If you wanna know more, check this out!

Final Fantasy 8

Check out the upcoming sounds and pictures of Final Fantasy VIII from these special files!

See who busted their butt to bring you this site

Links to Fun Stuff

coming soon (hopefully)

New Stuff   Linking to my site   New Stuff

The New Stuff icon means the section or item you're looking at has been recently upgraded or changed.

Disclaimer: This stuff is all copyrighted. I'm not in it for money, and this is not for commercial purposes. It's only done for the good of mankind, your own benefit, etc. So don't go and sue me, since I'm not gaining anything from this at all. Actually, I'm helping by advertising how GREAT these things are, so there.
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