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TOP LINK OF THE MONTH (pun intended):

Link drawn by Eji

A dream come true to all true Legend of Zelda fans! Play a real-time Zelda game online!  Customize your own Link with your name and favorite colors, then go out and kill monsters, save zelda, and chat with other fellow Links at the same time!  No special program needed to download (but you need to be able to have Java Applet capabilities), but a  fast computer does come in handy.
     MvC addicts ought to check out this hottie right here.   Moves, strategies, sounds, combo tips and much more will help make you a better MvC player (or at least make you think you are).
Indy Jones
Fans of Indiana Jones MUST check this out.   There are Indy 4 rumors and info on how to collect an almost identical Indy costume. Sounds, pictures and news on all things Indy make this a MARVELOUS web site.


Run Link, Run!

I made that!  --->   

     They're still updating their site after their recent move, but check it out if you still reminisce about the old Nintendo days.  It contains news of the upcoming game, as well as midi files and info.  If they ever get their acts together, my artwork'll be featured there (here's a hint: anything that looks like Link and is ANIME-style is what I drew!!).
       If you like Resident Evil and comic books, check out this site.  Each week, a new page is added to an online Resident Evil comic drawn by JIM LEE!   Plus, info on R.E. stuff and links!