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WARNING: These MIDI files were created by an amateur (namely, ME).   At the moment, the timing and/or tempo may be a little off, so don't yell at me ok?   You've been warned.  Enjoy!
WARNING #2: If you don't have AWE 32 sound card or one similar in quality and sound, these MIDIs could sound pretty bad...
By the way... to fully enjoy these, program your midi player to repeat or loop these midi tracks.
Resident Evil 2 Credits Excerpt
This is the beginning of the end credits of the first scenario of Resident Evil 2.  *sniff sniff*  Sad, isn't it?
Suliya's Theme
From Fatal Fury: the Motion Picture... geez, this is sad too!
Not many people have seen this movie about a man's spirit reincarnated into a dog, but this one's a tear-jerker too!  (my apologies for the terrible timing on the keys!)
X-files Theme   Version 2
My own rendition of the sci-fi theme song.