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Whew! This month's update was a toughie!

    I don't wanna sound like I've got a big ego, but I'm proud to say that over 95% of this stuff I compiled and created myself.   However, I don't want to leave out the people who spent time making something that was really useful to me, so here goes!

Editor, Webmaster, main artist and compiler:

Eji  a.k.a "indygal" - Please keep in mind all my original present (and future) artwork on this site is copyrighted; you are not allowed to copy it to use for your own purposes.

Resident annoyance:

my bro, Mick

Special Thanks, in the Resident Evil Section- (heheh, even though I'll admit I didn't get permission to copy your stuff)
for the walkthroughs--
for the speed faqs-- Mark Kim a.k.a. Vestiroth, Jim Irwin
for the MIDI files (that weren't mine)-- Junj

Of course, I couldn't forget to thank these marvelous companies for materials:

Capcom USA (for Resident Evil),  Paramount (for Indiana Jones), Squaresoft USA (for Final Fantasy 7), Harmony Gold (for Roy Fokker's images), Dark Horse Comics (for the Star Wars Manga), Nintendo & Game Freak (for Pokemon) and Viz Video (for its marvelous anime).  Please keep in mind that all film clips, sounds, and pics have their respective copyrights.

Hey, I'm up for suggestions.  You want your name here? Then email me and we'll talk. K?