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Einhander    Next time around.....    Einhander
Here's the list of upcoming events for next time:
- A page devoted to the old '89 Legend of Zelda cartoon!   Sounds, pics, and movies too, as well as good links!
- A downloads page full of games, themes, and more you can download and enjoy on your computer!
Midi Library- my own personal midi library.    Final fantasy VII, Wild Arms, legend of zelda, and other lesser known stuff.   If I get my act together, it'll arrive here soon.
Definite Stuff:
New Harrison Ford movies! (one at a time) Real repeating clips of Harrison Ford.
- Han Solo vs. twenty stormtroopers
- Jack Ryan gets beat up
- naked Ford gets punched out
More Links to Fun Stuff too!
Details on the upcoming Indiana Jones game-   Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine for both PC and Playstation.  Pics, opinions, and storyline.

See you then!!!