Yes, it's true!  Coming soon to a theater near you, it's Resident Evil!  Supposedly starring Jason Patric in the lead role of Chris Redfield,  and possibly Samantha Mathis as the lovely Jill Valentine, this flick is going to be made by the same guy that that did Night of the Living Dead, George Romero (if I'm not mistaken, but then again, maybe I am).  The planned date of release is sometime in '99, but details are sketchy at best.  No one really knows for sure who the other actors will be at this point.

10/5/98-- UPDATE!

George Romero has been confirmed as the director of the movie.  The production company will be Capcom and Constantine Films.   According to Electronic Gaming Monthly, Capcom hopes to release the movie around the time of the third game's release.  Since U.S. ratings may prevent a totally horrific movie from being presented here in the states, Romero says that  their plan is to perhaps make a "Director's Cut," a bloodier version available to countries with less restrictions.  The plot will be based on the first movie, and people are definitely excited, as it will be a movie for fans, not for kids.

chrisred.JPG (6731 bytes)
Jason Patric- up in arms over the role of Chris Redfield? (pun intended)
My opinion
   Ok, the first Resident Evil was a little lame to be honest.  Perhaps they should have focused more on putting some of the Resident Evil 2 characters in it as well.  Actually, while I'm one the subject, I've got the perfect actor choices!  You be the judge!
Leon Kennedy:  to be played by Matthew Modine
modine2.JPG (47540 bytes)
leon2.JPG (45353 bytes)
    Look at the pictures!  The left one came from the Married to the Mob movie (with Modine and Pfeiffer), but I can see a clear resemblance here.  What do you think?
Ada Wong: to be played by Ming-Na Wen
    I think she's a great actress, and hey, she's Chinese, so I guess it works out.  (no pics available)
Claire Redfield: to be played by ???
    That's a tough one.  I'm still thinking it over.
Sherry Birkin: to be played by Hatty Jones
    I think that's her name, you know, the kid from the movie Madeline.   Although she's got an accent, and is a bit chubby, it could work.
    So there are my thoughts.  Please keep in mind that they are only MY OPINIONS.  There are no confirmed reports that a Resident Evil 2 movie is even being considered at this point, but let's keep our fingers crossed.  Do you agree with my ideas?  If not, email me and tell me why.