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Nov. 27 `98 - This is my FIRST update today. Somehow, SQ ALTERED MY WEBSITE! Damn it, SQ, ASK me next time before you change my stuff. Anyway, I have a BETTER chat applet! That's right. No more ads, no more 10 minute disconnection (you can idle forever) - and best of all - You can use your IRC client to connect through the IRC networks instead of going to the site! Try it...tell me what you think. Oh, and the MvC MB Regs page is 40% done ..
Oct. 29 `98 - Finished the About me page! :-) Ugh...try not to get too bored. I'll work on the MvC MB regs page soon.
Oct 27 `98 - Added Sliver Queen's Hive. - and Spidey's banner! :-)Spidey will be hosting her site here by December, so look for it!
Oct 22 `98 - Looks like the ROMS are down for good. Pity. Tierranethad me delete them, so what's my page gonna be about now? We will have to find out in thenext few days....But I added a new chatroom ^_^
Oct 13 `98 - Bah - I added several new Neo Geo ROMS andscreenshots....finished the Contact Me page....I still have more to do, but I'm tired.I'll do it tomorrow. Oh, and I added the IE4 icon....what do you think?
Oct 12 `98 - Gosh, has it really been a month since I updated..?Anyways, I made a HUGE update to the Neo Geo Page. There are 30 + ROMs in there. Patience,people...I'm only one man, after all.
Sep. 15 `98- Nothing uploaded yet. Come back later.
Sep 16, 98 - Started working on the Neo Geo Page...but I can'tfinish it now. The link is active, don't visit it, do you wanna visit an incomplete page?Seriously.