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Claire's Scenario B Walkthrough

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Make your way down the street and through the first door you can. From there take a right into the small room to find the cabin key. Take it, run past the zombies to the door on the other side, use the key, and discard. Run up the stairs, head through the door, and go down the hallway evading or destroying the crows. Make your way to the balcony overlooking the main floor of the police station. Blast the group of zombies and look in the wall past the library doors. Imbedded in it is the unicorn medal. Head back down to the emergency ladder and place the unicorn medal in the face of the fountain to attain the spade key. On the desk near the computer, you'll find a grenade launcher and some ink ribbons. Go back to the crow-infested hallway, out the other door, down the stairs, and into the squad room. Inside, you'll come across a good number of zombies and the valve handle. In the small office, you'll find the safe once again. The "2236" combination still works, and you'll be able to get ammo and a map of the police station. Return to the burning chopper and use the valve handle at the end of the fenced-off area, as you did in the first scenario. In the smoke, you discover some ammo that you're about to desperately need. Enter the crow-infested hallway once again. A CG FMV will roll and introduce you to your worst nightmare. Inside the hallway, the roof will begin to collapse and bar the door shut. Start to head down the hall until you see him coming. Immediately begin firing and don't stop until he begins to fall. If you picked up the aforementioned grenade launcher you won't have much of a problem, but it's a little trickier if you're only using the pistol. Once the giant is down, check him for ammo; he always has some. Now head to the hallway where the front of the helicopter was protruding. With the fire out you may now enter the room on the right. Pick up the blue key card and head to the main floor of the police station where you got the spade key. Use the blue key card on the computer to unlock the doors in the hall. Head through the double doors, and gather the police memo from the seat and a can of first-aid spray from out of the drawer. Exit out the other side of the room, go down the hallway, destroy the licker, enter the room on the right, pick up the patrol report, and push the stepladder to the shelf so you can climb up to get the lighter. Leave the room and continue down the hallway until you reach the briefing room. Inside, you'll find the operation report and, in back, the first red jewel (again obtained by using the lighter on the fireplace). Now leave the area, continue down the hallway, head up the stairs, and position the statues on the pressure-sensitive tiles so that the red jewel will fall loose, as happened in the first scenario. Next, head upstairs into the S.T.A.R.S. office to meet up with Leon. After briefing each other, you will receive Chris's diary. The diamond key is on Chris's desk and the bow gun is in the locker. When you try to exit the office, a fax will come in for Chris. Grab it. Upon finally exiting the office, you'll spot Sherry in trouble. Save her and look in the nearby desk for some handgun bullets. Enter the library by going through the door to the left of the desk. Head up the stairs and fall through the floor. Push the red button on the wall to move the bookshelf out of the way. Now, as in the first scenario, walk to the face of the leftmost bookshelf and push the button to the right. Do the same to the bookshelf one over to the right. This will uncover the serpent stone. Snatch it, return to the room where you first got the blue key card (near where the helicopter is poking through the wall), place the red jewels into the wall, and grab the stone half-piece. Now head back down to the first floor and make your way to the interrogation room (the one on the other side of the one-way mirror). You'll meet up with a couple of lickers, so beware. Once you have dealt with them, pick up the can of first-aid spray, and, more importantly, the eagle stone. Now go all the way over to the other side of the police station and through the door on the right of the staircase. This is the evidence room, in which you'll find bow gun bolts, film, and the plastique. In the office in the next room, your officer will try to attack you. After dispatching him, pick the detonator up off the desk and combine it with the plastique. Before you exit the room, search for the memo to Leon, as well as some other goodies. Now head to where the helicopter is protruding through the wall, and set your newly made bomb directly in front of the obscured door. Down this now accessible hallway, you'll come across the chief sitting there at his desk with the mayor's daughter. After talking with him, exit through the other door. Walk down the hallway, into the small room, and switch on the lights. You'll discover not only the secretary's diary B file, but Sherry as well. Gather the handgun rounds out of the chest, and return to the chief's room for the heart key and his diary. Go back down to the first floor and visit the squad room again. The combination to the safe is still "2236," which will get you acid rounds and a map of the police station. The next step in the second scenario is to head downstairs and into the basement. Beware of the dogs lurking about. Head through the first door on the right, where you'll find the power supply controls and a map of the police basement. The correct setting for the power supply controls is still up, down, up, down, up. From there, take a left, go through the door, and down the ladder. Make a stop in the storage room on the left to save or whatnot. When you exit, you'll run into Sherry once again. After a brief chat, she'll run off and you'll play as her. The next sequence is the same as in the first scenario: Run past the dogs, go through the door on the right, get the map, move the boxes to make a bridge, fill the moat with water, claim the key, and either stop and pick up ammo or just return to where you last saw Claire. The next sequence, however, is quite a bit different from that in the first scenario. Once Sherry has given Claire the goods, Leon will call and tell Claire that he has moved the paddy wagon, opening up a new area. Before heading over there, stop to pick up the red key card inside the autopsy room, then use the key card on the nearby locked door to get some ammo, as well as the submachine gun (if you didn't pick it up the first time around as Leon). From there, head to the right and around the corner, through the door marked "Parking," and across the way into the newly accessible door. Inside the kennel, you'll find the crank near the manhole cover. Now go back up to the first floor and make a stop at the room near the stairs. Inside, you'll find acid rounds and the night watchman's diary. The club key will unlock the door. Now make your way to the big room in the upper right-hand corner of the map, which you haven't yet been to. Here, ignite the furnace and turn the faucets in this order: 12, 13, 11. This will release the golden cogwheel from the painting. But beware! The moment you go to get the cogwheel, the mysterious figure will come bursting through the wall. Pick up the cogwheel quickly and go racing out the door. Don't celebrate yet, because you haven't escaped him, you've only given yourself room to fight. Walk down the hallway and after a bit, he'll come bursting through the wall. Three or four shots with the grenade launcher will bring the big lug down. Do not forget to check his body for ammo, once he's collapsed. Now, head to the third floor of the police station via the stairway in the library. It's time to use the crank in the hole in the wall. Climb the stairway and place the cogwheel in the gears to get the final stone. With all of the stones, head back to the chief's chambers. Push the button that moves the painting to reveal the holes where the stones are to be placed. Enter the new passageway, pick up the mail to the chief, head down the elevator, and have a chat with the chief. Grab some acid rounds and go down the ladder. It's time to battle with William. After he leaves, go back upstairs and get Sherry. Return to the area where you fought with William, press the button to bring down the ladder, and head up. Once in the sewers, Sherry will fall down the drain as in the first scenario. Only this time, you won't play as her. Keep moving in the same general direction, and you'll find the sewer manager's fax and a first-aid spray. After a brief conversation with Leon, take a left and hop up into the little alcove. There are two dead soldiers here, one with some flame rounds and the other with the wolf medal. Now head through the sewers, evading the spiders. Make sure you have the valve handle on hand to lower the bridge. Cross it, and raise it back up immediately. Search the area for some green herbs and ammo. Make your way down the corridor, but don't worry, there aren't any alligators this time. Simply climb the ladder, head to the left, and pick up the eagle medal and the sewer manager's diary. From there, head back down to the right, use the valve handle to slow down the spinning fan, climb the ladder, and use the air shaft as a getaway. Once back in the sewers, head to the left, go through the door, and make your way past the spiders to the door blocked by the waterfall. To the right of it is the panel where you must place both the eagle medal and wolf medal. Now exit through the door, use the control panel to bring the tramcar back, enter it, and enjoy the ride. Once the tram has stopped, use the lighter on the flare signal found to the immediate left. The sudden burst of light will make the weapon-box key gleam. Pick it up and head for the door. Run down the hallway, blasting zombies on the way. When you come to the intersection, if you go left, you'll find a corpse with a spark gun on him. Grab it, head down the other hallway and through the door. Now, you'll come to a similar hallway setup. If you go to the right, you will come across some green herbs. If you go to the left, you discover a ladder, which you should climb. Inside the room, you discover first-aid spray and ammo. Here's where the second scenario is totally different from the first scenario. Sherry will walk over to the console, mumble about something, and exit the room. You'll realize that the tractor housing which lowers you down to the laboratory in the first scenario isn't there, and you'll have to walk to the edge of where the tractor housing was to ride the small elevator down. Once through the door on the left, head down the hallway, until you reach the television monitors. To your right, you will find the C. panel key. Now go ahead and look at the monitor for a surprise. After dealing with it, search for ammo, then ride the elevator back up and head back into the room where you left Sherry. Walk to the machine that Sherry is standing by and use the C. panel key near the right side of her to activate the tractor housing. When you exit the room, it'll be sitting there waiting for you. Walk to the control panel, press the button to activate the platform, and Claire and Sherry will automatically run inside. As in the first scenario, William attacks on the way down. Defeat him, and head back into the tractor housing to check on Sherry. The platform lift should overheat, which is your cue to go outside to look for the only exit. Head through the only open door, and pick up the green herb, which is located on the left-hand side of the storage bin, if needed (if you don't need it now, you will later, so put it in the bin). You will notice a big crate that seems totally out of place. Shove it onto the elevator platform to the right, activate the elevator, and then shove the crate off of the platform and down the narrow walkway up to the right. Put it right next to the other crates, so you can climb up the crates. Though it doesn't really help now, having this in place will help later. Head down to the walkway, where you'll come across a fallen scientist who's carrying the P. epsilon report. Pick up the report and use the nearby typewriter, if needed. Head down the elevator to the right, run down the walkway, and hit the switch. Go all the way back up to where you first entered, enter the elevator, and push the button to the right of the door. After being whisked away, exit the elevator, go through the door, and grab some goodies. Head for the door on the left, and make your way down the walkway towards the west area. Once inside, veer to the left, and enter the frozen door. Pick up the first-aid spray and the fuse case, then place the fuse case into the device on the counter to make the main fuse, as you did in the first scenario. Now take it back to the intersection between the east and west areas, and put it into the console in the center of the room. From there, head for the east area. Go through the far door on the right and pick up the user registration and lab security memo. The plant that occupied the air shaft in the first scenario should be gone (if you took care of it the last time around). Climb through the air shaft into the other room, destroy the lickers, and pick up the boxes of shotgun shells and the ink ribbons. Exit the room and head for the large door. An easy way to exterminate the two plant creatures is to leave the room through the door to the left, kill one before it turns around, and then leave. Repeat and serve. Once done, head for the door that they were guarding, and be ready to destroy another one. Go down the ladder, and make your way to the large array of monitors, beneath which you'll find the map to the laboratory. Head into the next room and use the weapon-box key on the locker to get the acid rounds. Carefully enter the room, go through the automatic doors, and prepare to blast a lot of zombies. On the counter, you will find the P. room key. Once out of the room, you'll run into Annette. After this conversation, head all the way back up to the main elevator. Take it up and return to the place where you had positioned the crates. Climb the crates and use the P. room key on the door. Run down the corridor, until you reach the next encounter with the mysterious figure. After this drama wraps up, return to the place where you put the main fuse. Once you've collected Sherry and the master key, enter the elevator and use the master key on the panel at the rear of the compartment. Head inside the train and make for the rear. On the floor near the storage box and save point, you'll discover the platform key. Grab it and head out of the train. Take a left toward the double doors, head up and over the overpass, and then underneath the stairs. Head toward the blinking panel, press the button, and take the joint plugs. Then run back underneath the stairs, through the doors, and place the plugs in the slots to restore power. Now it's time for the finally confrontation... almost. The mysterious figure will once again attack. Keep moving, pivoting in place, and firing, over and over. After about four or five major blasts, a rocket launcher will be provided. Pick it up to finish him off. Return to the train, but before jumping on, you must open the doors that are blocking the tracks. Simply head in the direction of the zombies, and you'll find the panel to open the doors. Go to the front of the train and push the lever to start it up. After the CG FMV, the real final confrontation will begin. Unload everything you have on this guy. Happy trails!