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Claire's Scenario A Walkthrough

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From the starting point, clear a path through the zombies and make your way to the gun shop. There, you will find two boxes of handgun ammunition. After the zombies break though the glass, you can either flee in terror or kill the zombies and get the shop owner's bowgun. In the alley behind the shop, make your way to the back of the van and collect the handgun rounds. The zombies will break through the gate; take care of them and go to the door on the other side of the basketball court. From this point, run by the zombies and head to the bus. Once inside, take the handgun bullets out of the bag, take care of the flesh eaters, and head for the front door of the bus. From here, it's only a short distance to the police station, but beware - many of the undead are waiting. In the main hall of the police station, pick up the handgun bullets and ink ribbon. You can save here at the typewriter. Go into the unlocked door and speak with the wounded officer who will give you a key card. Use the key card on the computer in the main hall where you first entered the station house. It unlocks the other door. In this room, you'll find a police memo, and locked inside the desk is a can of first-aid spray. Head through the door next to the window. In the hallway, you'll come across an officer who's had a slight problem with his head. If you double-check him, you'll find that he has some handgun bullets. Further down the hall, you'll come across a pool of blood. Beware of the creature that drops down. Simply aim low and shoot until it doesn't move anymore. Pick up the green herbs to heal yourself now or later. Enter the door at the end of the hall. Go down the hall and into the double doors to the right. To your immediate left on a desk you will find the Operation Report file. Exit the room and head down the hall to yet another door. Beware - on the other side of this door is a mess of zombies. Go to the top of the stairs and head down the hallway until you reach a statue with a red jewel in its hand. Push the smaller gray statue over the square on the floor to the left of the big statue. Push the reddish statue over the square spot on the right side of the statue. The red jewel will be released and is yours for the taking. Head through the door to the right of the statue and down the hallway. Enter the first door to find the S.T.A.R.S. office. On Chris's desk you will find his diary, and beneath that you'll find the Unicorn Medal. Get the grenade launcher out of the locker and exit the room. When you try to exit, a fax will come in, which you should grab. Take the Unicorn Medal to the main hall of the police station where you first entered, and place it in the front of the fountain. This will release the spade key. Go back through the door from which you came and down the hall, and unlock the door to the file room. There, you'll find the Patrol Report, ink ribbon, and a crank. To get the crank, push the step stool to the cabinet, climb up, and get it. Exit the room and head up to the second floor. Go down the hall past the statues and enter the door. Inside, you'll find a little girl in trouble. Shoot the zombie and talk to Chris. Down the hallway behind him, you'll find a box of handgun bullets. Down the hall to the right you'll find a box of flame rounds in the desk. Enter the library to the left. Head up the stairs to the right and down the walkway, where you'll fall through the floor. There, look at the picture clue and push the red button. Approach the face of the leftmost bookshelf, push the red switch, and move it to the right. Go to the next bookshelf to the right and move it to the right as well. This will trigger the picture to move and reveal the serpent stone. Take the stone and exit the double doors. Then make your way to the other side of the balcony, past the zombies, and through the door on the far side. Enter the room and pick up the lighter, ink ribbon, and the Chief Secretary's Diary A. Return to the first floor via the emergency ladder and head for the briefing room. Inside, go to the small room in the back with the fireplace. Use the lighter to light the fire and burn the painting. This will reveal the second red jewel. Take it and go back to the second-floor save-point room where you got the lighter. Then, exit through the opposite door and head down the hallway. Exit through the door straight ahead. Once outside, go down the stairs and enter the door. In the hallway, enter the open doorway on the left. Enter the small room with the open door to the right. Inside you'll find green herbs behind the desk and a safe in front. To open the safe, use the combo 2236. Inside you will find acid rounds and the police station map.. Exit the double doors at the far end of room. Make your way to the burning helicopter outside the police station. Go down the stairs and enter the door around the corner for a save point, shells, and a valve handle. With valve handle in hand, return to the burning helicopter, go behind the open fence next to the door, and use the valve handle on the water-pressure valve. Water will quench the flames, and in the smoke you'll find handgun bullets. Head back to the hallway inside the house where the helicopter was protruding in. Now, with the flames out, you can enter the door on the right. Once inside the room you'll find the diamond key, along with two stone busts protruding out of the wall. Place a red jewel in each one of the busts. This will reveal part of the blue stone. Take the stone and head back to the first floor. Use the diamond key to enter the evidence room on the first floor to the right of the main staircase. Dispatch of the zombies quickly, and search for the film and plastic explosive. Exit through the other door into the room where the officer gave you the key card at the beginning. This time he won't be so nice. On the desk in the room where you find him will be the detonator. If you look around the main room you'll come across some handgun bullets in the locker and a memo to Leon on the desk. When you're done poking around, head to the interrogation room that you can open with the diamond key. Once inside you will find the eagle stone and cord. Make your way out of the room quickly.... Now go back to the room where you got the memo to Leon. From that room, go down the short hallway to the door you need the heart key for. Use it and discard. Now head for the stairs. Look out for the dogs, take your first right, and run to the first door on your right. Inside, pick up the green herbs and police B1 map, then head for the reserve power control panel. There, press up, down, up, down, up. This will activate the key card lock door. Now head back out and take a left, pass the first door on your right, and enter the door to the left. Go down the corridor and enter the door on your left. Here you can save your progress or get some things out of the storage chest. Once you exit the room you will run into Sherry. After a brief talk you'll play as Sherry. Head to the elevator and go up. Beware of the dogs! You want to take the first right and head straight for the door. Once inside the room, look to the right - hanging on the wall is the sewage-disposal map. Grab it, hop down to the left of the control panel, and push the boxes in place so they make a bridge. Once the boxes are in place, hop back up to the water-level control switch and push the button. The water will raise the boxes and you can walk across and get the club key. You can head back to the elevator or to the door on the right where some grenade rounds are waiting. Once back up the elevator, Sherry will automatically give Claire the items, and you will once again control Claire. Go back up the manhole ladder and through a set of doors. Then, use the club key on the autopsy room to the left. Inside, in the far left of the room in a cabinet, you'll discover the red key card. Watch out! The moment you pick up the red key card, all of the zombies in the room spring to life. Next, go down the hallway to the key-card door and use the key card to enter. There are two boxes of handgun ammunition, an equipment bag, and a submachine gun. Now, head all the way back to the top of the stairs. Follow the railing to the door immediately to your right, and use the club key to open it. Inside, you'll find the night watchman's diary and acid rounds. Now go into the only room on the first-floor map you haven't been in: the middle room on the upper right side. Use the club key to enter and discard. Ignite the furnace on the far side of the room using the lighter. Then turn the faucets on the wall in this order 12, 13, and 11. This will make the golden cogwheel fall out of the painting. Take it and head to the third floor via the library on the second floor. Once there, enter the only other door on the third floor and use the crank in the square hole in the wall to lower a staircase. Head upstairs and use the golden cogwheel on the gears, then press the button to open the door to the right. Behind the door you'll find the other piece to the blue stone. Combine both pieces to make the jaguar stone. Take all three stones to the chief's office, after saving. Go behind his desk and press the button beneath the painting. This will cause the painting to move. Place the three stones in the three slots provided. This will open a door. Head through it, pick up the mail to the chief, and then go down the elevator. Talk to the chief, pick up the rounds, and go down the ladder. Battle the horrible monster and, once victorious, go back and get Sherry. Then head to where you fought the monster, and push the button to lower the ladder. Head into the sewers with Sherry. She will fall into a floodgate, and once again you will be forced to play as her. Simply forge ahead, enter the first room, and exit it through an air vent. Evade some bats, and pick up a silver coin at the end. After Sherry helplessly falls, you become Claire once again. Now go further down the sewer and through the first door, picking up green herbs before entering. This large room contains a save point, a storage bin, and a memo. If you go down the ladder first, you'll discover acid rounds and first-aid spray, as well as a zombie. Or you can just go down the elevator platform. Once down, grab the map on wall, head into the water, and search for the flame rounds in the cubbyhole near one end. Then go in the other direction, take a left, go through the door, and evade or destroy the spiders. Go into the door to the left of the waterfall. You'll encounter Annette, Sherry's mother. After a brief discussion, you'll go your separate ways. Use the valve handle on the bridge-lowering mechanism. Once across and on the other side, use it again to raise the bridge back up (trust me). Head down the corridor until the alligator attacks, then run back until you get to the red light on the left. Push the button to release the gas canister. Let the alligator take the canister into his mouth, then shoot it! Head down to the door in the direction the alligator came from. Open the doors, and collect the coin and Sherry. Head up the ladder, go left, and get the golden coin and sewer managerss' memo. Veer right and use the valve handle on the lighted machine to the left of the spinning fan. This will allow you to climb up the ladder and through the airshaft. Once down on the other side, look for the waterfall, and drop both of the coins into the water-flow control panel. This will stop the flow of water and allow you access to the door behind. Make your way to the right side of the trolley and turn on the power switch on the control panel to activate the trolley. Enter it and take it for a ride. Once on the other side, exit and use the lighter on the flare signal (located to the immediate right) to make the weapon-box key gleam in the light. Pick up the key and head for the door. Go down the walkway until you reach some zombies and the first intersection. Go to the left and search the dead guy to find the almighty spark gun. Head to the right and go through the door. Inside, you'll encounter some more zombies. To the right, there are two green herbs and to the left a ladder that leads to the room. It contains a save point, a storage box, first-aid spray, flame rounds, and grenade rounds. Once all of the items have been collected, head out the door. Go into the tractor housing sitting on the platform. Inside, you'll find more ammo and the key to activate the platform. Take the key out to the control panel in front of the tractor housing, use it, and then press the button to activate. Once inside, William, the creature (you can't miss him), will attack. Exit the tractor and get ready for battle! The spark gun works very well against him. Once he's down, head back inside the tractor housing. After Sherry gives her speech, head to the west area and go into the only door accessible. There, find the memo, go to the computer, and activate the anti-B.O.W. program. Get the other memo on the sofa and the shells in the locker. Head to the east area and into the frozen-door room. Get the fuse case off the cart and use at table to have it put together by the mechanical arm. Take the fuse to the junction in between the east and west area, and use it. Now the door in the west area can be opened, but beware of the fierce plant creatures waiting behind the door. Once they've been dealt with, head through the door and destroy one more. Then head down the ladder by the big plant. Enter the door and find the map beneath all of the monitors. Go through the door and use the weapon-box key to get the grenade rounds. Enter the automatic door and pick up the red key card after battling the zombies. When you exit the room Annette will confront you. After she's attacked, get the serum instructions from her. Use the red key card to enter the door by the eggs. Kill the big moth, and then use the handgun to clear off the creatures on the computer. Enter the password "guest." Head up to the west area and use flame rounds to kill the plant in the air shaft, then climb into the air shaft and grab the ink ribbon and two cases of grenade rounds in the locker. Enter the east area and use the key card on the door, pick up the serum canister, shoot the zombies, and turn on the lights. You will find the MO disk in the corner. Go to the computer and use the serum canister, then hit the switch on the machine to the right, return to the computer terminal, and retrieve the processed serum. Head back down the ladder by the plant, enter the large P4 door where you picked up the key card, go to the machine on the left, and use the serum canister. The machine will process it. Then head to the door that requires the MO disk. Go inside and get ready for the final battle with William. After defeating him, run for the train. Enjoy the ride!